Episode 186: Take a Break

So You Wanna Be A Witch Episode 186: Take a Break. Sarah M. Chappell sits in the grass with her elbow resting on her knee and her head resting on her fist looking up and away.

When was the last time you took a break?

No, really, I want to know. When was the last time you stepped away from your work? Read a book? Took a nap? Spent an entire afternoon binge watching your favorite show? 

When you are running your own business, you feel like nothing will get done if you don’t just do it. So you do. You sit on your computer all day trying to get that blog post written, that sales page designed, that new offer developed. 

You get frustrated when it takes longer than you think it should. And you make mistakes.

You reach a point of overwhelm. Nothing is going right, you’re burnt out, and you want to run away. 

But you don’t. 

You keep working.

You keep trying.

You don’t stop.

And then you’re so overwhelmed, so burnt out, that you decide you have to run away. You should probably just take a month off. You need to put your business on hold and tell your audience that you will be gone for a while. You need to take a huge step back. Right?


This week on the podcast I’m sharing the three main things that let us know it’s time to take a break. And I’m sharing what to do when these problems start creeping up in your life and your business.

Tune in so you can begin to notice these red flags and TAKE A FUCKING BREAK (before you hit the point of wanting to burn your business to the ground).

Show Notes:

3:03 – Inventing Problems

6:32 – Getting Annoyed

9:22 – Making Mistakes

14:30 – What to do?

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