Episode 187: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Failed Launches, Rebranding, Competition

Quick Coaching with Sarah Chappell. Sarah Chappell sitting in a cafe and smiling into the camera.

Failure is a gift.

When you “fail” at something in your business it is an opportunity to learn, to reflect, to address gaps and make changes. Without failure you miss out on an opportunity to grow.

In this Quick Coaching episode, we are talking about what to do when your launch doesn’t go as planned and so much more. Tune in so you can find value in feedback and failure.

We answer:

1:29 – First try product launch got almost no response, already feeling defeated.

10:50 – Changing my brand to better encompass my business’s evolution, is it worth it or wasting time?

14:15 – Should I take a job I really don’t like just so I can start from somewhere?

17:05 – Is there anything to do when your biggest competitor signs up for your masterclass?

25:42 – Favorite platform for a website with sales capabilities, tips for building a website?

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