Episode 188: Collaborations

So You Wanna Be A Witch Episode 188: Collaborations. Sarah M. Chappell stands outside with one hand on her hip.

How did you feel during the Facebook outage?

Were you stressed about the implications for your business? 

Concerned that the IG post you had scheduled wouldn’t post or be seen? 

Anxious about the money you’d spent on ads that day?

If you’re like a lot of the business owners I work with, social media is your main marketing platform. You use Facebook and Instagram to communicate with your audience, share your latest offers, and maintain the face of your business. 

And I’m not here to tell you to stop using social media for your business. 

But I am going to recommend that you consider adding other methods to your marketing plan so that when something like a social media outage comes around, you don’t feel like you’re about to lose everything. 

And today I’m telling you about one of my favorites: collaboration.

Collaborating with peers and fellow business owners with an overlapping audience can be incredibly beneficial for both your business and those you collaborate with.

But this doesn’t mean sending someone a DM asking them to promote your work. And it doesn’t mean you have to create something new with them. 

The most successful collaborations start with the three clear steps I’m going to walk you through in this week’s episode. 

Tune in so you can start leveraging collaborations in your business today!

Show Notes:

1:30 – The importance of collaborations

4:00 – The 3 clear steps of collaboration

14:16 – Goals of collaboration

16:50 – Have a system

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