Episode 23: Lauren + Vanessa

Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro

Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro are House of Lava, a private salon and special events beauty team in Manhattan. Both Lauren and Vanessa are skilled beauty experts with a penchants for crystals, Reiki, and the power to transform women through self-care (and a great blowout).

In this episode, Lauren and Vanessa share how the beauty industry brought them together, and how by following their intuition they have been able to build a successful business in the ever-crowded NYC salon marketplace. We dive into the importance of beauty rituals as a space for meditation and peace, their signature Crystal Cleanse Ritual that brings crystal healing to busy Manhattan CEOs (as featured in Vogue!), and the power of red lipstick.

Lauren and Vanessa offer tips on finding center as entrepreneurs, share how coming from strong matriarchal cultures has empowered them to care for others, and talk about their ability to use hair styling to work on the crown chakra.

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Show Notes

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