Episode 24: Solée Darrell

Solee Darrell Jewelry

Solée Darrell is an intuitive jeweler, artist, and doula-in-training based in Vancouver.

In this episode, Solée opens up about the transition to full-time self-employment, learning to trust herself, and making space for living in the moment. Solée shares about how working through loneliness has helped her to channel her energy into making, and how the freedom of free time spurs creative growth.

We dive into the magic of fire, metal, and the ability to change form, and have some deep talk about circles, triangles, and wizards! Solée offers ideas on how to structure days as a small business owner, and how to make up your rules for yourself.

Solée also shares some of her knowledge around women and birth, what has led her to train as a doula, and the importance of learning about our own bodies.

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Show Notes

Connect with Solée:

Solée studied jewelry with Billy King in Mexico. She was introduced to doula work through an interview she heard with Erica Chidi Cohen of LOOM, and is doing her training with Carriage House Birth.

She worked and trained with with Kate Ellen of Crown Nine.

Both Solée and Sarah have worked with Marlee Grace.

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