Episode 26: Sarah’s Soliloquy Redux

Sarah M. Chappell on So You Wanna Be A Witch

We’re back with the final episode of Season Two of So You Wanna Be A Witch! This reprises the Sarah’s Soliloquy from August 2017 with a twist: I’m answering your questions.

In this episode, I share a bit about what has changed for me both personally and professionally since last year. I then dive into the questions that you submitted, and explore topics such as jealousy, starting a podcast, staying focused when working from home, cultural appropriation, and the number one thing that has grown my business in 2018.

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Show Notes

Connect with me, Sarah M. Chappell:

Racial Equity Education Resources:
Ijeoma Oluo
Desiree Adaway
Layla Saad

Each of these women provide remarkable free resources, especially on their Facebook pages. If you learn something from them, I strongly encourage you to donate to their work and purchase their courses and books.

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