Episode 32: Dana Balicki


Transformational coach and teacher Dana Balicki is on the show sharing about her journey from professional activism to sustainable healership.

In this episode, we explore the importance of joy in our work and how to slow the fuck down. Dana shares about how burnout (even from joy!) can be our greatest teacher, and how that can get in the way of our ability to catalyze our own change rather than relying on others to fix our lives.

Dana offers guidance on how to find where you have choice in your life, and how to release old stories of lack even in the midst of our oppressive economic and social systems.

We also discuss the importance of giving ourselves the gift of being a student, the need to prioritize our own care and process over jumping into serving others, and the magic of slow medicine.

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Show Notes

Connect with Dana:
That Clear Life

Dana mentions her teachers Rha Goddess and The Empowerment Institute, and her friend (and former podcast guest!) Sandy Sitron.

Connect with your host, Sarah M. Chappell:

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