Episode 33: Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett

Instagram with Sarah Corbett


Are you frustrated by Instagram? Relying on it to grow your business, but feel like the algorithm is out to get you? Super fucking unclear on how to best use the platform without spending your entire life on social media?

Sarah Corbett is here to soothe your anxiety and give you actionable steps to build a sustainable and effective Instagram strategy!

Sarah is the herbalist behind Rowan + Sage, but when not making potent plant medicine, she is a designer and digital marketer with years of experience helping small businesses to grow.

In this episode, Sarah walks you through her step-by-step approach to developing an Instagram feed that will bring your ideal customer to your (online) doorstep. This is the same work clients pay her thousands of dollars to do, but because Sarah is super rad and loves the holistic small business community, she agreed to share it with all of us!

You’ll learn how Sarah grew the Rowan + Sage Instagram to over 10k in less than a year (without paid advertising!), how she plans her social media schedule so she still has a life, and why Instagram is the platform that is most worth your time.

This training is really, truly, absofuckinglutely amazing and packed with incredible value. You do not want to miss it.

Sarah also made a free Instagram Workbook to walk you through this process like she’s right besides you, holding your hand. Download your copy here!

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