Episode 34: Alia Walston

Intuitive reader and educator Alia Walston joins the show to share about her journey through addiction, sobriety, and spiritual calling. Through an ever-expanding understanding of tarot, astrology and magical work, Alia connects to the soul’s purpose to create experiences of joy.

Alia openly discusses her mental health and substance use challenges, and how they led her to more deeply explore divinity and her shadow self. She explores the purpose of her work, stretching beyond the confines of particular modalities, and the difference between showing up for the deep stuff and following the trends.

We talk about calling on spirits for guidance, pausing despite the social media-driven priority of constant newness, and the reality of destroyed grand plans. This is a beautiful, honest episode that you don’t want to miss.

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Show Notes

Connect with Alia:

Alia mentions her teacher Lindsay Mack and the work of Layla Saad.

Connect with your host, Sarah M. Chappell:


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