Episode 43: Sobriety and Spirituality with Ruby Warrington

Ruby Warrington of The Numinous

Ruby Warrington, writer and founder of the high vibe lifestyle site The Numinous,  joins us this week to talk about her new book and her journey to a more mystical life.

In this episode, Ruby shares how she came to be “sober curious,” the steps she took to question her relationship to alcohol, and how awareness ultimately led her to a deeper spiritual practice.

Ruby opens up about the reality of writing two books in two years, the dissatisfaction that led her to transition from lifestyle journalism to creating The Numinous, and the healing practices that support her wellbeing and her ability to show up for her community.

We also talk about her new book, Sober Curious, and she shares a special pre-sale offer! Ruby’s clarity and honesty around the culture of alcohol is critical and refreshing, and her book is not to be missed.

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Show Notes

Connect with Ruby:
The Numinous
Ruby’s Instagram
The Numinous Instagram

Preorder Ruby’s new book Sober Curious to receive the 100-Day Sober Curious Reset offer she mentions in the episode!

Ruby mentions Gayle Larson‘s group speaking course, Transcendental Meditation.

Ruby runs the sober curious event Club Soda with Biet Simkin.

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