Episode 44: February Business Energy Reading

We’re back from winter break with a chance to tune in and engage with the energy of February in your small business and your daily life. In this episode, your host Sarah M. Chappell explores the invitation that the Ace of Wands offering us this month to burst forth, grow, and expand. There is tension this month between that energetic expansion and the action required of us, The Moon Reversed. You’ll learn the basics of setting goals and examining the beliefs that can derail them, and the critical work of detaching from the Death card. February calls for a delicate mix of action and introspection, and the energy reading will help you to navigate those seemingly incongruous states.
This episode also breaks some exciting news: we’ve created an online community! Continue the conversation, get support from like-minded folks, and grow your soul-centered business in our free Facebook group, So You Wanna Be A Witch. Head on over there after you listen to the episode to introduce yourself, and share what you are taking away from the February Business Energy Reading.
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Show Notes
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