Episode 45: Starting a Design Business with Krystal Banner

Krystal Banner of Kaleidadope

Former engineer Krystal Banner joins the show to talk about starting and growing her artistic business, Kaleidadope! Krystal is a prolific creator with a tarot deck, an affirmation deck, fixed candles, and so much more. 

In this episode, Krystal explores her transition for corporate to self-employment, the importance of planning, finding purpose, and how crushing experiences can be door openers in our lives.

Krystal shares how she uses tarot  and art to heal, the joys and challenges of collaboration, and how she builds her business based on authenticity. She also dives into the practical aspects of creating and publishing a tarot deck, and the amazing results that her fixed candles are bringing to her customers.

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Show Notes

Krystal mentions Kehinde Wiley, Basquiat, and Keith Harding as inspirations.

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