Episode 47: Traditional Witchcraft with Becky Beyer


Herbalist, teacher, and wild foods expert Becky Beyer of Blood and Spicebush is our guest this week! Becky, who holds a masters in Appalachian Studies, practices traditional witchcraft and runs two educational programs in Western North Carolina.

In this episode, Becky gives an overview of traditional witchcraft, the historical basis for her practice, and how she has built a business by sharing her knowledge and experience as a professional forager-witch.

We also explore accessibility and pricing, cultural appropriation in witchcraft and herbalism, and how historical research can help reconnection.

Becky and I also chat a bit about our shared history as North Jersey girls who now live in Western North Carolina because it is rather amusing!

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Show Notes

Connect with Becky:

Becky mentioned The Sassafras School that she is running with Abby Artemisia.

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