Episode 52: April Business Energy Reading

Today we look at the energy for the month of April. How did this happen? The year has flow by! This month invites us to build on the work we did in March by securing our boundaries and reaffirming them. We are closer to our rebirth from the ashes as we investigate releasing the things we are holding onto simply because they make us feel good. If we can stay focused on these steps this month then we can do the real work of growing our businesses!

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Show Notes

0:58 – I talk about all the wonderful things I share to IG and my recent struggles with my own mental health in the beginning of this year.

2:45 – Card 1: Overall Energy of the Month (Four of Pentacles)
We have the opportunity to pick up on the work of March where we were called to let things go! April is asking us to secure those boundaries we have created. Like cellular membranes, what are we allowing to flow though us? What needs extra help?

9:24 – Action for the Month (Temperance, rev.)
Take inventory of what you will no longer do. Figure out where the energy is going that does not directly lead to the level that you desire. Where are you spending your time that is not taking you to the next level?

18:50 – Release Work (4 Wands)
This is not a month to play around. We are being asked to let go of focusing on what we really want to be doing from a purely enjoyment based state.

21:31 – Outcome Card (10 of Wands)
We are gonna be busy! There is stuff to do! It is time to keep our heads down, focus, and do the heavy lifting. But beware of burnout, which is why setting our boundaries is so important.

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