Episode 53: Saturnian Lessons with Sandy Sitron & Dana Balicki

We have a very special episode for you this week with two very special guests, Dana Balicki and Sandy Sitron! Saturn Returns are important times of change in our lives, but they don’t have to be a time of total upheaval. Astrologer and hypnotist Sandy and her transformational coach bestie Dana work together to help us use this important time to better ourselves and the gifts we have to share with the world. Get ready for a lot of laughing, this episode is super fun!

If anything from this episode is speaking to you, come join us for Sandy and Dana’s free astro-coaching workshop this Friday, April 5th at 3 pm EST.

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Show Notes:

1:11 – Introductions
Sandy and Dana tell us who they are and about the work that they do. Friends for 20 years, they bring astrology and coaching together, focusing on working with Saturn as a cosmic life coach and how to use its transit times to get important work done.

9:14 – What are the archetypes of Saturn? How does it show up in our lives?
Saturn as Father Time, the tough teacher, or the inner critic.

18:26 – Saturn Returns
What Saturn can bring up or disrupt when it transits through the place is was when we were born. Sandy, Dana and I share our personal stories of where we were during times of Saturn transits, and how it continues to shape the work we do.

28:13 – What is the connection between times of Saturn transits and the drive to create our own structures?
Saturn can be a nice balancer between making us responsible for our work without letting it take us down.

35:20 – How do you start to approach working with Saturn?
Sandy and Dana have a web course for that! It helps to gain conscious insights and work though limitations to heal and move forward.

50:00 – How can people Learn more about it?
By joining their free astro-coaching workshop on April 5th at 3 pm EST.

58:24 – Is there anything else you want to leave our viewers with?
“We will fill your bummer brain holes!”

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