Episode 54: Developing Confidence with Dorothy-Inez

This month’s business training is all about confidence! Dorothy-Inez is an Authentic Confidence and Success Mindset Mentor committed to helping entrepreneurs experience a spiritual awakening that empowers them to boldly and confidently show up and shine in their divine identity, call, and purpose, so they can create a life and business they love.

In this episode we learn all about how strengthening our confidence helps us to better connect to our purpose and continue to share our message as business owners. Feeling like you are not good enough, or are prone to failure? You must listen to this episode!

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Show Notes:

1:05 – What is a success mindset coach and what is confidence?

Confidence vs. authentic confidence. We can access authenticity by becoming connected to our true identities. Dorothy-Inez’s goal is to get us back to that place that she believes we are all born with, but become disconnected to over the course of our lives.

4:36 – How do we create consistency in tapping into our confidence?

Make a sacred date with yourself. Start with making a commitment to make yourself a priority. Get yourself, a coach, or even a friend to help keep you accountable. Building your confidence will help you to ask for things more, and to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

13:13 – How can we use our confidence mindset to help us achieve our goals instead of sabotaging them?

By reinforcing our thoughts with truth, and surrounding ourselves with a community that does the same. Be open to being a fertile ground for the seeds of positivity.

20:05 – How can we be confident without taking it over the top?

Who are you not to share your amazing gifts? They deserve to be expressed!

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