Episode 55: Going Full-Time with Your Business

Today I am not only your host, but also your guest for this solo episode, where we talk all about that tricky transition from having a job to running your business full time!

Just to be clear you don’t ever have to quit your day job if you don’t want to, but for those who are ready to make this switch, here are a few things to consider. I hope these simple, though not always easy, steps will guide you through this transition.

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Show Notes:

2:35 – Moving from your job to growing your business without being reckless.

Don’t do what I did! I quit my job without coming up with a plan, having a strategy, or saving any money. It’s not a path I’d recommend taking, but it is the path I felt I had to take. Ask yourself, do you just want to leave your job, or do you actually have a place you want to go to in your business?

8:27 – How do you make that leap when you still need the income from your job?

It is so awkward to make that leap, but it becomes easier when we know why we are doing it. Why do you want your business? What is driving you? Before we can consider taking this leap, that why has to be strong!

12:49 – Looking at the Numbers!

How much money do you need to live? How will you make it work when you quit your job? If you are close to making that number, ask yourself why are you afraid of moving forward. If you still need to grow, then save before you quit or transition to part-time.

27:35 – Recap.

What is pushing our transition from job to business?
Make the leap or go into band-aid mode!

33:06 – Using tarot for navigating this time.

I may have quit my job because of the fool reversed a bit recklessly, but I think that tarot can be a remarkable tool for us to utilize during this time. If you haven’t yet listened to episode 29, “Using Tarot for Business”, there is a great download with it that includes business focused spreads.

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