Episode 56: May Business Energy Reading

In the coming month we are called to focus on the actions we take in other areas in our lives and see how they support us in our businesses. Our ability to take care for ourselves directly impacts our ability to serve. In other words, taking action in the parts of our lives that isn’t business related, still affects our businesses.

Making doctor appointments, exercising, even cooking for ourselves, can be an active form of self-care that may deplete our energies, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Being tired is a sign that we made a commitment and followed through with it, and that is something to celebrate.

Overall, don’t let the fear of old patterns popping back up this month derail you from stopping the important work that you are doing, and allow yourself to focus on the idea that being tired is a result of a job well done.

This message aligns for me personally as I am getting ready to reopen my Tarot for Self Care course on May 28th. I will be talking about this more as we get closer, but until then follow me on Instagram, or send me a DM. I will put you on the waitlist so you are the first to know when doors open, and get some bonuses too!

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Show Notes:

3:19 – Energy for the month (10 of Swords Rev.)

We are abusing ourselves with our thoughts and overthinking ourselves to death. Lucky for us, this means the only thing left to do is act! What do we need to support our growth? Business self-care boundaries.

7:50 – Release (4 of Swords Rev.)

We might be tired, but it’s okay because it will be worth it. Let’s focus on the idea that being tired is a result of a job well done. Being tired is a sign that we made a commitment and followed through with it.

14:27 – Outcome (2 of Cups Rev.)

Our old patterns that we have worked so hard to get past may pop back up this month, but do not let the fear of it all coming back stop you from the work you are doing. Create a new habit of letting those thoughts from your critical self become arrows that point you straight to action.

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