Episode 59: Feminist Business with Erica Feldmann of Hauswitch

Erica Feldmann HausWitch

Erica Feldmann, owner of HausWitch in Salem MA. and author of the book HausMagick, is here with us today to tell us all about being a #businesswitch.

In this episode we talk about what being a witch means to Erica, why she feels it’s important to identify as one, and what it says about resistance and resilience. We also talk about how she has created a community driven business ethos dedicated to fostering radical feminism, social justice, and progressive thoughts, and how she keeps her head straight while running a business that aligns with her morals and values.

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Show Notes

13:56 – How she decided to open the shop in the first place, the switch from the academic realm to owning her own business, and all the financial decisions that came into play.

21:14 – How HausWitch has become a supportive space for people to be able to discover new things and open up to being vulnerable, the larger impact of community that Erica fostered through owning a small business, and the profit motivations of being a social conscious business operating under a capitalist society.

33:58 – Viewing the way society views “business” as a medium to be changed, and how being a “business witch” can encourage those who are disadvantaged under the patriarchy to own it and create it for themselves.

38:13 – The fool’s journey Erica took to create her new book HausMagick, and all the uncomfortable and rewarding challenges that came up in the process.

45:00 – Keeping her head straight while running a business that aligns with her morals and values and the strict boundaries she developed around self-care.

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