Episode 60: Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs Sarah M. Chappell

Today we are talking all about about self-care for business owners, and not in the super luxurious sort of way, which definitely has its place, too! In this episode I outline the four crucial things small business owners should be doing to care for themselves, but often over look or even actively resist.

Taking care of yourself is a critical part of being an effective business owner and is not separate from your business. These things are inextricably linked, and you deserve to chose to serve yourself so that you can have a bigger impact in the world.

I hope that the topics shared in this episode will help you start to infuse self-care into your business as a core value, and I invite you to join me for my free Tarot for Crazy Brain webinar on May 28th or June 1st to continue to learn more about how tarot can help you to better care of yourself.

This webinar is leading up to my Tarot for Self-Care course, which is all about using tarot as a tool to activate your intuition, regain agency in your life, and release anxiety and excessive fears so that you can build the life and business that you actually want. Registration begins May 28th, but you can sign up for the wait list here.

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Show Notes

6:11 – Taking time off. Start to pay attention to where you are spending your time. What is the busy work you are inserting? What are the things that will actually bring you revenue? If you don’t have and answer to these things, then it’s time to dive in!

15:04 – Planning as self-care. Using planning to achieve clarity of action. Giving ourselves the gift of having extra time off to open your mind to be more creative and efficient.

18:50 – Investing in your business—and yourself—as a form of self-care. Reach out to those who know more than you. You do not have to figure it out on your own!

24:06 – Tarot for Self-Care. Tarot offers clarity and creative insights for solving problems. It also helps to get us out of our heads and see our challenges more clearly from a different perspective.

27:24 – Tarot for crazy brain. How to use tarot as a tool to turn off the challenges of having a crazy brain. Using our businesses as a way to work with how our brains want to work, instead of fighting against it.

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