Episode 61: June Business Energy Reading

In this business energy reading for the month ahead, we talk about how June may be a bit of a challenge for us soul-centered entrepreneurs.  This month we are called to give generously, but how can we truly give our time, energy and resources as business owners if we are not emotionally secure?

We are starting to put on longer range vision here from a place that is emotionally fulfilling, which isn’t as easy as what you may have been doing this far to make money in our businesses. But don’t worry, because if we can practice diligently, mastery is just around the corner!

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Show Notes:

3:58 – Energy for the Month (10 of Cups Rev.)

Things aren’t going to be exactly as we would like them to be, in particular, how we feel in our businesses. We may be feeling a bit tired, burnt out, or no longer emotionally fulfilled.

13:34 – Action for the Month (6 of Pentacles Rev.)

June is calling us to give generously, that is why it is so important that we focus on being supported emotionally, as this is going to sustain us.

15:35 – Release for the Month (5 of Wands Rev.)

What are you stressing out about the next steps to take in your business? It’s time to let go of them! Write down all your ideas and put them aside, for now, and focus on one thing.

20:24 – Outcome for the Month (8 of Pentacles Rev.)

Why are we procrastinating on getting our work done? It’s time to do the actual work! Figure out what are the steps to get it done.

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