Episode 63: Launching Your Offer

We tend to think of launching in our business as something you do one time to get things started, but in reality we can launch anything at anytime! In this month’s business training episode I go over the important factors to creating a successful launch and how to get the right people to invest in it.

I love this launch model because it is the best way to engage your audience, and make them an offer, so much so that I shared all the specific steps I took in my latest launch over on the So You Wanna Be A Witch Facebook Group.

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Show Notes

5:48 – The basics of launching, what a launch is, and the work that leads up to it.

10:19 – The launch set-up and adding value to your offer.

19:45 – The runway. Seeding your offer, and finding the best people to go through your launch vehicle.

27:44 – Opportunity for reflection. Why haven’t you launched before? If so, do you have the numbers you need to assess your results?

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