Episode 64: Representation in Tarot with AMJ of Brown Girl Tarot


AMJ of Brown Girl Tarot on So You Wanna Be A WitchAMJ, founder of Brown Girl Tarot™, is on the show sharing their journey becoming a tarot reader and  building an online resource for tarot decks made by people of color, and folks with other identities that are underrepresented in tarot.

In this episode, AMJ shares how they learned to embrace that they’re not the reader for everyone, the confirmation they received that they were on the right path, and how tarot is an accessible starting point for POC and queer individuals who are digging back into their indigenous and traditional practices.

We also discuss how reading tarot is how we learn to be tarot readers, the intersection of social work and tarot, and tips like using the shuffle to release anxious energy.

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Show Notes

6:06 – The events that lead AMJ to her spiritual adventuring and working with the African Diaspora, and how using tarot helps calm her anxiety.

17:04 – What helped AMJ own their power as a reader and get over their impostor syndrome.

22:54 – AMJ talks about the connection between tarot and social work.

28:38 -The work AMJ has been up to with Brown Girl Tarot™ and all about the library project.

38:42 – How we can support AMJ achieve her Brown Girl Tarot™ goals, and where we can reach her.

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Brown Girl Tarot Library

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AMJ is inspired by Asali Earthwork and Jessica Dore, and was the copy editor for Courtney Alexander’s DustIIOnyx deck.


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