Episode 65: July Business Energy Reading

July is upon us, and it’s time to check-in and ask: are we showing up to serve?

So often in business we let our worries and fears of not being enough or feeling like a fraud stop us from doing our jobs.

In the month of July, those energies will challenge us to step fully into our roles as masters of our work, wherever we are along the continuum of learning and experience. Why? Because we’re here to help people, and choosing our fears over the impact we could have if we acted from belief in our mastery is choosing our comfort zone over changing the world.

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Show Notes:

2:23 – Energy for the Month (9 of Pentacles Rev.)

This month, we may have a tendency to shy away from affirming how brilliant we are, or the mastery we have achieved. As business owners we need to put ourselves out there, and by resisting this energy we keep ourselves in a comfort zone.

8:04 – Action for the Month (The Chariot)

You are on the right path, affirm your vision and keep going! The Chariot will help hold your visions, even if the journey will take longer than you would like.

10:50 – Release for the Month (Wheel of Fortune)

Let go of control and worry. Let got of needing to know what is coming next and keep your focus on your vision and building your mastery.

17:13 – Outcome for the Month (The Empress Rev.)

You are being called to approach your business with logic and an analytical brain this month. Try challenging yourself to create out of need rather than deep connection.

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