Episode 66: Astrology and Personal Agency with Diana Rose Harper

Diana Rose Harper astrologer tarot reader

Diana Rose Harper is an astrologer, tarot reader, reiki master, and massage therapist harnessing the power of these modalities to support personal empowerment and self-care.

Diana approaches her work and business through the lens of helping folks see where they have agency in their lives and see where they can treat themselves better in the world.

In this episode, Diana dives into her path to healing work, how the concept of agency is supported by tarot, and how she manages her own wellbeing while showing up in service of others.

You can also hang out with Diana IRL at her Tarot for Radical Self-Care workshop at Hauswitch on August 3rd. You can register here.

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Show Notes

2:51 – What agency means to Diana and how working with it through tarot and astrology differs from how these modalities are generally viewed.

12:08 – How Diana came to this work and all the various things she was experiencing at the time that wove their way back to tarot.

21:48 – What it’s like to run her own business where she helps people access their own agency.

27:36 – How Diana cares for herself while showing up for the people she works with.

31:30 – The importance of taking and managing time as a small business owner.

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