Episode 67: Planning and Goal Setting with Alon David

Do you struggle with planning and goal setting, even avoiding the whole thing rather than letting yourself down yet again?

Don’t worry, I got you! Today we have a training episode with Alon David, entrepreneur and founder of the 90x Goal Planner. Alon uses a 90-day planning system to ensure that his business’s goals are met, giving him the freedom to live the life he wants while creating a massive impact on the world. He has leveraged this system to create my personal favorite planner that is used by business owners around the world.

Alon walks us through the right way to plan and set goals, how to create a vision, and the best way to breakdown your big dreams into bitesized action steps.

The best part? Alon is generously offering 25% off of his outstanding planners to So You Wanna Be A Witch listeners using the promo code “heal25” at his online shop.

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Show Notes

3:15 – What is 90-day planning, and how you can this system to break down large goals into daily, actionable steps

10:03 – What is a good goal, and how to focus on the what and why, forgetting about the how of goal setting to avoid getting caught up by self-imposed limitations.

15:42 – How to create the vision you can work from, and how planning can actually be very emotionally driven.  Why putting yourself in the position of feeling what it would be like to accomplish your goals can drive your success further.

22:48 – Alon’s inspiration for getting started!

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