Episode 68: Shamanism and Spiritual Business with Carmen Morales

What does it actually mean to be a Shaman? And I’m not talking the 11 day retreat and now you’re suddenly a Shaman kind of thing.

In this week’s podcast episode, we meet Carmen Morales, a Shamanic practitioner from Peru who lives in Australia. Carmen leads us in an exploration of how in modern society, we are encouraged to forget the ways of our spirit and the ways of the elements and our mind has become our main source of reliability as we navigate the world. If we have knowledge, then we must have value. Carmen reminds us that our value does not actually lie in what we know, but in remembering who we are.

Join us as Carmen so elegantly shows us of a way of living that encompasses harmony and connection to nature so that we can remember the purpose of our spirit and tap into the gifts and talents we came into this life to share.

Carmen is offering a free video training to explore shamanic practices that will help you get out of stuck mode and open up your life to endless potential! Click here to reserve your spot. 

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Show Notes

1:00 — What does it mean to be a Shamanic practitioner? 

4:12 — Discover Carmen’s thoughts on the appropriation and reclamation of Shamanism.

10:47 — Carmen’s initiation story; her intuitive and faithful journey into Shamanism.

25:46 — The three most significant energy centers to harmonize according to the Andes people.

35:40 — A spiritual perspective on money; how we can attract more abundance through the ways we value ourselves and our work.

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