Episode 69: August Energy Reading

Business Tarot Reading Sarah M. Chappell

Y’all, July was a lot of feelings, and as business owners this can become really challenging. August wants us to come out on the other side, but will we do the work?

When we are affected by the astrology of the world or by things outside (or inside) of us, it ultimately affects our businesses. These things are not separate, but will we let our emotions get the best of us? The outcome is up to us and we have to choose. What direction do we want to go? Where do we want to end up?

August wants us to lay some groundwork for the months ahead, and this means cleaning things up and doing some prepwork. So, Soulpreneurs, what does this refinement period look like for you?

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Show Notes

4:24 — Energy of the Month: (5 of Wands Reversed)

It’s time to choose: In what direction do we want to go? What passion do we want to follow? Where do we want to end up?

8:30 — Action of the Month: (4 of Pentacles)

An active call to fortify our boundaries. What are you consuming? What are you spending?

13:02 — Release Work of the Month (King of Cups Reversed)

Have you been suppressing your emotions out of a need to stay productive? This month really wants us to address and sort through our emotional debris.

17:17 — Outcome of the Month (2 of Pentacles Reversed)

Are we taking the right action to lay the groundwork for the months ahead? Let’s clean things up!

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