Episode 72: Spiritual Awakenings with Jennifer Jayde

Jennifer Jayde Success Coach

What does it mean to follow your path? How are you even supposed to find it?

If you’ve struggled with identifying the Universe’s nudges and locating—let alone listening to—your intuition, this episode is for you.

Jennifer Jayde is a best-selling author and success coach who helps folks escape the 9-5 and live their dreams. Jennifer’s work is transformative because of its authenticity, and her powerful personal journey from a financially unstable childhood to the unfulfilling dream job and her ultimate intuition-driven success is inspiring.

In this episode, Jennifer shares her journey with us, and provides actionable stats for connecting to your own intuition and the journey that you are invited to go on. Make sure you listen to this entire episode, and then check out Jennifer’s book The Awakening to go deeper into her work.

Jennifer has also offered her free quiz on discovering your intuitive language which you can check out here.

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