Episode 77: November Business Energy Reading

Can you believe we only have two months left in this decade?! This month’s probably going to be a busy one for most of us, so it’s time to revisit how we are doing in our business.

This month’s tarot energy reading is inviting us to take a little closer within: it’s about believing that we are enough and loving everything about us, including the things we don’t like about ourselves!

Listen as we explore embracing ourselves (quirks and all), celebrating the small wins, being grateful for all things big and small, asking for help, and accepting the challenges without the need to be fearful.

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Show Notes:

5:14 — Energy of the Month (2 of Cups)

Self-love: embracing who we are and knowing we are enough.

14:22 — Action of the Month (4 of Wands)

Celebrating success and being grateful for everything we have, no matter how big or small.

19:32 — Release Work of the Month (5 of Pentacles)

Working through our vulnerability, our fears, feelings of lack and shame, and seeking help.

24:40 — Outcome of the Month (9 of Swords)

Recognizing the fear, expecting challenges, and shifting our beliefs to accept perceived limitations are not the truth.

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