Episode 78: Taking a Service-Based Business Online with Shannon Leigh O’Neill-Loyola

How do you find balance between knowing when to push and pull in your business? When should you keep going and when should you pause to take a moment?

In this magical podcast episode, we are talking to Shannon Leigh O’Neill-Loyola, an intuitive and empathic energy worker with over twelve years of professional experience. Shannon shares her journey to shifting her business to remote work and holding classes, healings, and readings online. She also dives into how she restructured her new offerings and her experience in becoming a student again after years of professional work.

Also, if you’re interested in modalities like 13th Octave LaHoChi and Akashic Records readings, then this is the episode where you will learn all about them!

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Show Notes:

6:50 —  building a new definition of yourself, rediscovering who you are

12:36 — finding the balance between push and pull in your business

14:55 —  transitioning to remote and online work

22:36 —  restructuring new offers and expansion of healing modalities

30:39 — more about 13th Octave LaHoChi

Shannon mentions the work of her teacher Jordan Pagán who taught her 13th Octave LaHoChi.

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