Episode 8: Amber Magnolia Hill


Amber Magnolia Hill of Aquarian Dawn was one of my first herb world girl crushes. Her honesty and transparency about her life and her business have been a model for me in the online marketing space, and I am so grateful that she took time to speak with me for this episode.

Amber is an herbalist, educator, mother, and writer who addresses topics like women’s health and grief head-on. I stand in awe of her healthy boundaries (her email autoresponder is EPIC and makes me hope I can be that confident someday) and her growing product line. In this episode, we jump into running a business while being a mother, story and myth as medicine, and being unemployable.

There is some serious St. John’s Wort fangirling, eloquent words from Amber on our collective yearning for ancestral knowledge, and a potentially polarizing discussion of nutrition and veganism. So fun! Check it out below or on the podcasting platform of your choice.

Note: This was a mountain-to-mountain recording and we definitely had some internet-related tech issues. I’ve edited where possible, but in the interest of keeping Amber’s message intact, there are some kind of wacky sounds. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the crazy noises of rural internet!

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Show Notes

Connect with Amber (and download her amazing herbal body oiling ebook):

Amber mentioned two of her mentors, Kami McBride and Kathi Kevill, and the marketing resources of Brendon Burchard and DigitalMarketer.com.

Music: bensound.com

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