Episode 80: Eco-Concious Living with Alyson Morgan

Alyson Morgan of Maia Terra Co.How do you transition to eco-conscious living without losing your shit trying to figure out how to buy less?

Consumerism has gotten the best of us, and with the zero-waste lifestyle on the rise, capitalists are taking advantage of consumers by telling us that we need to buy more stuff to do it properly. Today’s episode opens a discussion on eco-conscious living with Alyson Morgan. Alyson is an herbalist and mother with a gift for making magical flower essences. She shares her journey from fashion retail employee to homesteader, and shines a light on the nuances of navigating conscious consumerism.

Tune in to learn more about Alyson’s business ventures, how she balances generating revenue with prioritizing a low-impact life, and how parenting motivates her to care for the Earth.

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Show Notes:

13:10 — How to transition to eco-conscious living

16:28 — What is consumerism and what we can do about it

27:12 — Understanding our relationship with objects and things

34:17 — Connecting with flowers and making flower essences

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