Episode 81: Starting to Scale Your Business

Starting to Scale with Sarah M. Chappell online business

Are you still trying to do everything in your business, even though it’s burning you out and preventing you from helping more people?

Do you have a strategy for spending less time working on your business and at the same time acquiring more clients?

Not yet? Then it’s time to plan and scale your business!

Scaling is all about finding ways to reach out to more clients without working more in our businesses.

Join me in this episode as I dive deep into one of my favorite topics: STARTING TO SCALE.

In this episode you will learn:

  • why mindset is an essential component when it comes to scaling our business
  • how the Internet makes it easier than ever to scale
  • two pivotal things that will help you scale your business and release your inner control freak
  • my go-to tools for business automation and the platforms I leverage to delegate work that I don’t need to spend my time doing

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Show Notes:

Holistic Business Academy Reopening in December: Sign up for the waitlist HERE!

6:18 – Why you’re the bottleneck in your business, preventing growth

7:55 – The best way to start scaling

13:17 – How I saved hours of my time by leveraging automation 

26:39 – The final piece to releasing control and starting to scale

Resources Mentioned:

TalkBox: Our amazing podcast editor Barry, who is taking on a few new clients!

Dubsado: Automated invocing and client relationship management software.

Upwork: Find amazing, qualified freelancers

RocketFuel by Gino Weckman and Mark C. Winters

Traction by Gino Weckman

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