Episode 82: December Business Energy Reading

December Business Tarot Energy Reading

2019 is coming to a close, which leaves us hanging out in the liminal space between years. Whether we had a year of abundant success, or a year of tough work and disappointment, we still find ourselves in the same place: waiting in the dark, wintery nights of unknowing, before the new year breaks. How do we move through this time and prepare for the year ahead?

This month’s tarot reading is inviting us to lean into this space and embrace the witchy business of being a witch in business! We are invited to be in the present and the future at the same time, bringing forward what we have learned with wonder—no matter how we learned it!

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Show Notes:

2:15 — Energy of the Month (The World)
What’s next? How December is actually like an old school video game.

8:57— Action of the Month (Page of Cups)
Navigating the liminal space with a sense of wonder.

13:31— Release Work of the Month (Justice Reversed)
Reclaiming agency in the face of “It’s Not Fair”.

18:09 — Outcome of the Month (5 of Swords Reversed)
Don’t be a little bitch, my friends.

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