Episode 84: Creativity for Business Owners with Nick Demos

Nick Demos grinning on a beach. Creativity in business

Finding your niche as a business owner is often a task of bringing your seemingly separate passions together, and creating something original. That is exactly what this week’s guest has done with his life and work.

Nick Demos is a Tony Award winning producer, award winning filmmaker, writer, teacher of yoga, pranayama, and meditation, and a personal creativity coach. Just this year, he opened his coaching and teaching to the online community, so that he can reach more people all around the world. He also finds time to play every day. What? How can someone who does all of that have time to play?

In this episode, we talk about how vital creativity is to us as human beings and as entrepreneurs. He speaks beautifully about the big ideas: the nonlinear nature of creativity and business, eschewing quick-fix culture, embracing consistent action toward lasting energetic change, and being present in both the excitement and the mundane of the everyday––you know, all the good stuff!

But Nick is equally eloquent as he translates these big concepts into real practice and talks about the daily grind, keeping excitement in our work, embracing the unpredictability of film and theater, his transition from doing in-person work to online work, and the tools he uses to stay present to the magic in all of it. Spoiler alert: turns out you don’t have to do All The Things or do them by anyone else’s rules!

Tune in this week to learn about how creativity and mindfulness can not only keep you joyful and engaged in your own work, but also attract others to it!

Show Notes:

11:50— How prioritizing creativity influences the lives of our businesses?

15:50— What does mindfulness have to do with creativity? How do we use that to support ourselves and our clients?

19:13— How do we even start? The practicalities of practice.

30:00— Creativity and business are both nonlinear: Giving things time to grow and embracing the unexpected.

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