Episode 85: January Business Energy Reading

Sarah Chappell holding a deck of tarot cards. Business energy tarot reading for holistic entrepreneurs

This week, we are welcoming the new year with our energy reading for January 2020. But wait! It’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade—that’s a whole lot of new energy. This month’s reading is all about stepping out of our old ways. It asks us to lay down the pain, grief, and shitty capitalist messaging of our past, and step into new paradigms, new ideas, and new ways of being present to ourselves and the people we serve. It is a call to rest and re-center, so that we can step more fully into action, when we wake.

Join us this week, and accept the invitation to question your motivations, find your true desires, and probably take a nap.

Show Notes:

1:00— Doing your business when you don’t feel great

6:39— Energy of the Month (6 of cups)

The gift of repurposing pain and transmuting it into service.

9:24— Action of the Month (4 of swords)

The nap card tells us to take a break! It’s also here to remind us that, when we show up in service, it opens the door to rest.

12:00— Release Work of the Month (8 of cups reversed)

What happens when our goals become about service, rather than the capitalist money game? What happens when we shift our from numbers to names? This card pushes us to turn away from what we have been told to want, and orient toward what we actually desire.

19:41— Outcome of the Month (10 of swords)

The promise of moving back into action, after a time of rest and re-centering around a new paradigm.

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