Episode 86: Full-Time Witch Life with Britton Boyd

Britton Boyd posing with yellow flower. Witchcraft, divination, ritual practice, thruhiking

This week, we are so excited to talk with Britton Boyd of Archaic Honey: tarot reader, bone thrower, potion maker, herbalist, astrologer, double Aries, and full-time witch.

In this episode, Britton takes us back to the dark roots of their relationship to witchcraft, coming into her magical practice, and how they have turned that practice into a business that pays her bills.

We talk about the magic of the mundane, developing relationships to our tools as inspirited objects, balancing the structure of practice with personal intuition, and the wild adventures that we welcome when we ignore the advice of our readings.

Tune in this week for all that richness, and to join us in celebrating the magic of coffee and the dogmomwitch aesthetic. Real talk.

Show Notes:

3:31— Daily life of a full-time witch

10:45— Coming to witchcraft

17:28— Britton’s personal divination practices: bone reading and tarot

27:25— How to make the practice feed you… literally! Bringing home the bacon with witchcraft.

32:53— Hiking the PCT: Focusing on the internal practice


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