Episode 88: 2019 Year in Review

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We’re slowly wading into 2020, which is a great time to take stock of the last year: What we achieved, where we fell short, and how we grew. It’s time to pat ourselves on the back and be proud, because all of that learning deserves to be celebrated! This week, I review my 2019 business year by looking at my goals, my challenges, what worked really well, and what really didn’t. 

I share my experience of starting a membership site, and how it changed my relationship with my work life. I talk about finding my center for my business, allowing my health to take precedent over my numbers, and look at what good boundaries can do for business. Spoiler Alert: Constant engagement and working 24/7 isn’t the answer. (Huh, weird). Turns out, time management and personal boundaries are magic and working less actually made more space for the growth I wanted.

I also share my personal philosophy about goals, and dig into the stories I was telling about myself that were keeping me from offering my best gifts.

Please join me in this retrospective and bop on over to instagram to chime in! I want to know about your goals, your stories, and what you are carrying forward into 2020.

Show Notes:

1:50– What are you most proud of?

9:37– What worked in 2019

19:45– What didn’t work in 2019

25:13– The pacing of this business year

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