Episode 89: Are You Afraid To Call Yourself an Expert?

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Welcome to the Valley of Despair! That land of self-doubt and hesitancy, where you know enough to know just how much there still is to learn.

In this episode, I talk about the vulnerability of claiming expertise and stepping into leadership. Oh hey, you over there with that tiny fledgling Etsy account! Did you think you could skip this one because it doesn’t apply to you? Sorry, but starting any business is, inherently, the work of leadership. Are you uncomfortable yet?

Y’know, one of the best compliments I have gotten about the support I offer is that it is “so good and so ouchie,” and that is what I am bringing to the table this week. Yes, this is a call to claim your gifts and charge forward into the world, but it is also a reminder about who loses out when we don’t do that. Guess what? You’re not just hurting your numbers or your pride, you’re also letting down people who need you. When we refuse to stand in our power and claim what we know, we can’t attract the people who need us. Being disruptive and polarizing with our deepest beliefs isn’t alienating; it is the action that creates an abundance of opportunity for everyone.

Join us this week as we shake off false-modesty and claim our experience! Oh, and bring a pencil. I have some exercises for you.

Show Notes:

3:30– False modesty as a self-fulfilling prophecy

6:44– Leadership, yikes!

10:06– Stepping into your role and letting the right people find you

20:05– Differentiation as a doorway to abundance: there is more than enough to go around!

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