Episode 9: Anna Toonk


Anna Toonk is the premier connecter of lady witches in NYC. Her ability to reach out and create relationships astounds me – and is, naturally, how we met! Anna is an intuitive healer using tools like tarot, channeling, and crystals to support her one-on-one clients and lead super rad events all over New York.

In this episode, Anna opens up about finding spirituality as an adult, transitioning from a 6-figure production career to full-time witchin’, and how to have healthy boundaries around being of service. We dive into running a business like a business, what to do when people ask for free readings, moving through the world in a larger body, and learning to be ok with disappointing people.

Anna is a dreamboat full of truthiness medicine. Check out the podcast below or on the platform of your choice!

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Show Notes

Connect with Anna:

Anna credits Mara Glatzel with her first steps into spirituality.

She mentioned her NYC sister witches Kara Kinsey and Kristen Mooney.

Anna will be teaching at Campowerment this fall. Camp for ladies! Sounds amazing.

Roxane Gay is pretty fucking transformative and Anna talked about seeing her speak. You can check out Gay’s new book Hunger here.

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