Episode 90: February Energy Reading

Tarot cards on rock. Sarah Chappell February Energy Tarot Reading for Holistic Business.

We all know that February is well on the other side of the Winter Solstice and it is technically getting lighter every day, but doesn’t it just kinda feel like the darkest month? Well, February’s energy reading is pulling us into that darkness.

This month, the cards invite us into Judgement. Oh, that’s plenty easy. We know how to judge people all damn day! Except, this card calls us to pause and turn those judgements over in our hands. What does our envy, our criticism, our trigger, say about what we want and what we think we are allowed to have? Judgement can be fun when it’s pointed at other people, and less fun when it invites us to take a good, long, honest look at ourselves. This is the work of digging into our personal muck: facing our failures, admitting our role in our own grievances, dissecting our jealousy, and holding ourselves accountable.

February is a lot of work, friends. Honestly? I pulled these cards and wanted to go take a nap! The hardest part of this work is that it doesn’t have an end. It’s not the work you can check off and get a gold star and a success story from. It’s the ongoing work of our lives, which means it has to be sustainable. Yes, the cards give us a lot of work to do this month, but they also tell us how to move into that work in balance.

Ready for that deep work? Tune into this episode. Ready to go even deeper? Come to Dollywood with me! No, I’m not kidding. Check out the episode for more details.

Show Notes:

4:23—Energy of the Month: Judgement. Where have I set myself up for failure?

11:30— Action for the Month: Temperance. Don’t get lost in the dark! Balance, as always, is key.

14:55— Release Work for the Month: 9 of Pentacles. Make mistakes! Letting go of mastery, in favor of growth. 

19:08— Outcome of the Month: Justice Reversed. Doing the work when we know it doesn’t lead to immediate payoff.

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