Episode 91: Boundaries for Intuitive Business Owners with Theresa Reed

This week, I am thrilled to chat with Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady. Theresa has been a professional tarot reader and astrologer for 30 years, and is a published author. In the last three decades, Theresa has seen both the world of business and the culture of the occult change drastically. She is an incredible resource of knowledge and experience and I am beyond excited to get to pick her brain for an hour, just for y’all.

In this episode, Theresa tells the story of how she came to read tarot and make it a full-time income. She shares the hardship, trials, and even physical risks she experienced as someone with a divination-centered business before Instagram made being a witch “cool”.

Theresa also goes deep about the importance of setting and holding firm policies in the early days of a business. She shares new favorite tool for weeding out customers who don’t align with her, and offers some insight (and hilarious stories) about how to let clients go when they are causing too much strife in our work life.

If you ever find yourself tempted to shape your business to other people’s expectations rather than your own, this episode is definitely for you. If you are the magical person who never has a problem saying no, then you should at least tune in to find out what to do when someone you have said “no” to tries to sneak past your boundaries in a literal disguise! Yes, that is a real story. Tune on in.

Show Notes

14:19– Keeping good boundaries in your business.

17:45– Learning as you go in business.

28:36– How do you protect yourself from burnout?

42:28– Writing, publishing, and the next phase of business.

Theresa’s books
Tarot for Troubled Times
Astrology for Real Life

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