Episode 92: Copy That Converts with Kate Dramis

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Hey, remember a few weeks ago when I cornered you (very respectfully, via podcast, of course) about refusing to claim your expertise in your business? This week, I’m doubling down and bringing the incredible Kate Dramis on to tell you HOW to claim it in the actual words, writing, talking, communication part. That’s right! This week we are talking about copywriting!

Kate Dramis is a conversion copywriter for wildly successful entrepreneurs with her own signature program to teach business owners her killer copywriting process. I have learned so much from Kate and I know you will, too.

Copy is everything, because copy is really just communicating with your audience about what transformation you can offer them. Conversion copywriting, specifically, is the messaging we create that turns into sales. It’s that magical place where we get to wring the personal, intuitive parts of our branding through cold, hard data. Kate breaks it all down for us: the execution of messaging, the importance of specializing, the value of your skill set, and why it’s best to be really ultra weird. 

Join us this week to learn all about copy and go behind the scenes of our own personal brand messaging (mostly Instagramming our dogs, ice cream, and resting bitch face).


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Show Notes:

0:53– WTF is copy, what do you do, and why does it matter?

10:21– Copywriting 101: Communicating your value

16:25– The strategy of conversion copywriting

23:30– Effectively selling around a launch

36:03– Finding your ultra kind of weird

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