Episode 93: Collaboration in a World of Competition with Dana Balicki

Dana Balicki smiling into camera. Transformational Coaching. Belief work. Vision Work.

Dana Balicki is a brilliant transformational coach (or “Spiritual Road Dog”, as she calls it at some point in this episode) who helps people cultivate their sacred inner landscape. Her focus is on slowing down and making sustainable changes to your life, by inviting folks to transform their deepest-held beliefs. She was the person who got me to slow the fuck down last year, and if you have listened to this podcast for long enough, you know what a feat that was. If you remember that, you also might remember her from Episode 53! Well, this week I’m bringing her back on for something that’s a little different from our regularly scheduled program.

This interview is really more of a conversation between the two of us about how our relationship has evolved from insta-romance to a dynamic, mutually-supportive business relationship AND friendship. It’s basically an hour of us waxing poetic about how we are #relationshipgoals.

In a paradigm that tells us that your success requires another’s failure, that perfection is the only thing worthy of respect, and that vulnerability is weakness, the idea that you can be friends, clients, and collaborators all at once is almost blasphemy. Our relationship is one that gives us a foundation of hope for a better paradigm of community-building as humans and as business owners.

In this Libra4Libra Lovefest, we tell the story of our relationship and interview each other about our experiences of receiving services from a person who is also our client. We talk about how the vulnerability of collaboration makes us so much stronger as individuals and has opened us each up to amazing ideas and opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise had. We share some specifics about what kinds of structures and boundaries have worked for us as our relationship has evolved, and get real mushy. Because Libras, am I right?

Join us this post-Valentine week to get sweet, remember that the personal is political, and hear us talk about our bangs and our butts.

Show Notes:

14:29– How we grew our insta-friendship into our mutually-supportive business relationship

20:49– Good boundaries remove the feeling of competition: Tools we used

27:12– The power of belief and calling the right people to you in your life and work

31:09– Our work and experience of the last year: How collaboration opens the doors to new ideas and mutual growth.

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