Episode 94: March Energy Reading

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March’s Energy Reading is the perfect way to set ourselves up for the end of the first quarter of 2020. Quarters are the way that tax payments are structured, but I really appreciate using them as an opportunity to have a business check-in with ourselves: Have I done what I said I would do by now? Have I gotten the results I wanted? Have I changed my mind about anything? What is required to move my business forward from here? Wait, how much am I going to owe in taxes?

This month, the cards are asking us to stop future-tripping. Of course we have goals, but are we getting so focused on where we are heading that we forget to notice where we are? The end of this quarter is a great time to ask that question. Once we know where we are, we know what we need to do next, but the cards are also here to remind us that we are often the ones getting in our own way. We tell ourselves stories that keep us from taking risks. We are afraid of growth, because growth is change; it is inherently uncomfortable. The cards are telling us that we need an intuition check. Remember: The future unfolds because we create it! We hold the vision and take action towards it.

March is calling us into work! I mean, duh, this is a business podcast, we’re always talking about work. Any business owner can tell you that owning one business is actually a hundred different jobs: you offer your work and then you also do the work that supports you being able to do the work you offered! All of it is important and all of it needs to get done. But, March is calling us to stop getting stuck in the small decisions so that we can cross the threshold and really level up in our business. It’s time to take some risks so we can return to the work we actually want to do. After all, that was the whole reason we started our business!

Join us the week for more insight from the cards, along with some tips for checking your progress and putting your feelings in the context of numbers (or letting numbers check your feelings!). 

Show Notes:

2:49– Energy of the Month: 10 of Cups reversed. Dive into the present. Are you so goal-focusedthat you forget to check in about how you feel in the present?

9:00– Action for the Month:  The World reversed. Crossing the threshold. How are you stopping yourself from leveling up? How are you holding yourself back?

15:18– Release Work of the Month: 2 of Swords. Check your emotions and trust your intuition.

20:04– Outcome of the Month: 8 of Pentacles. Leveling up means getting back to the work we are called to do. 

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