Episode 97: Soul-Centered Business Magic with Ren Zatopek

Ren Zatopek looks into the camera with an eyebrow raised. Witchcraft your business. Simple Spiritwork. Soul of small business.

This week, I am so fucking excited to have my Biz Bestie, Ren Zatopek, back on the podcast. You probably remember Ren from Episode 6 (one of our most listened to eps!), but in case you are new: Ren is an incredible spiritworker and practitioner of traditional witchcraft. She is actually my spiritwork teacher and I became so obsessed with her work after Episode 6 that I made her be my BFF. Now, all these episodes later, I am bringing her back for some super deep chatting and a really exciting surprise that we have been working on.

Ren’s spiritwork centers on the idea is that Spirit is identity and Soul is the capacity for change. In this episode, we dive deep into those ideas and wonder how that definition affects the way we understand being soul-centered entrepreneurs. What does it mean to be change-centered in our businesses? It certainly doesn’t mean being a perfectionist control freak—tough medicine to swallow over here. 

We talk about our bank accounts and inboxes being the physical altar of our businesses and discuss real, nuanced business magic. Business magic is more than money magic and attracting customers! It is about allowing ourselves to become magic, rather than relegating magic to an activity that we do. It is about centering our desire for meaning, rather than chasing desire itself. It is about letting magic actually impact our lives and creating opportunities to be surprised.

Ren and I also share some super exciting news! We are combining forces to offer a mentorship program in soul-centered business magic. We talk all about it in this episode, ask some real questions, and throw around our regular salty sass.

Join us this week if you want in on our Biz Bestie Friendship Bracelets (and to hear me recite a poem I wrote in 8th grade. It’s really good, y’all!).

(Witch)Craft Your Business with Sarah Chappell and Ren Zatopek

Show Notes:

6:25– The Spirit and Soul of Business.

21:46– Business Magic

32:00– How do we become magic?

40:35– Relationship Magic

47:04– (Witch)craft Your Business

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