Episode 99: April Energy Reading

Sarah Chappels hands above 4 tarot cards on a white table. Tarot for business. Soul-centered business.

In a time when all routines are out of whack and so much feels unpredictable, our monthly Energy Reading, a ritual of taking the pulse of the month ahead, feels so welcome.

As always, the cards know what’s up. They can read the damn room and know that, whether we are thriving or floundering in it, change and uncertainty are all around us.

This month, the cards are calling us to lean into wonder and gratitude instead of fear and scarcity. They call our attention to everyday miracles and appreciation for what is. Do you have a roll of toilet paper right now? AMAZING! Take a moment to be awe-struck by the mutual aid and the willingness to help that is taking over our social media. Do you have running water with which to wash your hands (very thoroughly and for at least 20 seconds, please)? Be struck by that, too.

But the cards (or, my cards anyway) are not a Pollyanna bunch. Gratitude and wonder are important, but so is recognition of what we are losing and what has to change. The cards remind us of what we are walking away from. In a time when many of us feel like choice is being taken away, the cards show us that we also have the choice to leave things like self-centered individualism and exceptionalism behind. They remind us that we can take care of ourselves while centering our community.

Finally, the cards ask us to reevaluate our thresholds, relocate our centers, and find our new homeostasis. This is just as important as handwashing for our health and wellness.

Join me this week, as we charge ahead into April together-but-separately. Take care, Stay home.

Show Notes:

1:16– Energy for April: Page of Cups. Putting wonder before fear.

8:11– Action of the month: 8 of Cups. The act of walking away.

10:40– Release work of the month: 9 of Pentacles. Releasing individual exceptionalism and embracing our role in community.

17:35– Outcome for the month: 10 of Wands reversed. Finding our new centers.

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